Security Seals

SP Seal 22.02

• Pull up seal with metallic insert to prevent tampering.
• Material Polypropylene Copolymer.
• Applicable for cages, big bags, chemical containers, silos, and tanker valves.
• It offers maximum security against tampering and ensures traceability of valuable goods.
• Applicable for the food, chemical, logistics and land transport sectors.
• Thermal and/or laser marking options.
• Products should be stored in their own packaging, in the room temperature and away from sunlight.
• Production is made with raw material complying with ROHS requirements.

Packaging Details
Product Weight 4,4 gr
Box Dimension 24 X 31 X 44 cm
Quantity Per Box 1000 pieces
Box Weight 5 kg
Pallet Dimensions Truck - 110x130x235 cm
  Lorry - 110x130x190 cm
Quantity Per Pallet Truck - 90.000 pieces
  Lorry - 72.000 pieces



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