Security Seals

SP Seal 09

• Plastic Indicative seal.
• Ideal for holes and small openings.
• Manual locking. It can be closed with one hand.
• Applicable for the airline industry (passenger transport), the cashin-transit sector, the food industry (viscera and livers), the perishable and non-perishable goods wholesale sector, food retailers and health services (hospitals and clinics).
• Typical applications include sealing of small openings such as catering and drinks lockers in aircraft, seals for onboard sales trolleys, sealing of viscera and livers, ATM cassette seals and seals for cash boxes. Also as a substitute for any metal padlock.
• Made of Polypropylene Copolymer.
• Laser marking and thermal printing options. Barcode is available.
• Products should be stored in their own packaging, in the room temperature and away from sunlight.
• Production is made with raw material complying with ROHS requirements.

Packaging Details
Product Weight 1,9 gr
Box Dimension 24 X 48 X 14 cm
Quantity Per Box 1000 pieces
Box Weight 2 kg
Pallet Dimensions Truck - 100x120x225 cm
  Lorry - 100x120x195 cm
Quantity Per Pallet Truck - 150.000 pieces
  Lorry - 130.000 pieces



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